Charles A. Cannon Trailer Released, Film Premiering in October

This educational documentary tells the story of the notable industrialist in North Carolina’s history

CONCORD, NC, August 2, 2017 – A documentary film on the life and work of notable industrialist Charles A. Cannon will premiere on Oct. 15, 2017, at the Gem Theatre in downtown Kannapolis. Charles A. Cannon: A Mind for Business, A Heart for People takes an in-depth look at an important piece of U.S. industrialist history and the life of the visionary whose leadership and philanthropy played out on a global stage.

The son of James W. Cannon, who started Cannon Mills, Charles became a giant of the textile industry and architect of the country’s largest unincorporated town. Through family photographs, interviews with mill workers and their families, and footage recreated to bring the period to life, film viewers will be transported to the mill floor, board room and linen closets of American families during Cannon’s years as the largest home textile producer in the world.

Meeting the man behind the industrial powerhouse that became Cannon Mills and finding out what motivated him is central to the film, according to Bill Cannon and Robin Hayes, Cannon’s grandsons.

“Our grandfather’s story is rooted in a commitment to a vision of success for a small southern town. That vision, along with his business acumen, forward-thinking approach to industrialism and true concern for his employees, left an indelible mark on the world of manufacturing, branding and distribution,” said Cannon.

Added Hayes, “He was an industrialist, paternalistic benefactor, philanthropist and visionary. His historical significance and connection to the formation of North Carolina’s industrialism and business practices is still in place today.”

The 60-minute, educational documentary was produced and directed by GreyHawk Films with support from The Cannon Charitable Interests. The film will premiere at 4 p.m. Oct. 15, at the Gem Theatre, located at 111 West 1st St. in downtown Kannapolis. The screening is free and open to the public.

About the Film

Work on Charles A. Cannon: A Mind for Business, A Heart for People began in September 2015. Members of the Board of Directors of The Cannon Charitable Interests, as well as others in the Cannon family and community, spent time envisioning ways to portray Cannon’s life and commemorate his legacy through the film. Extensive research, hours of personal interviews, recreation of historic moments and activities, and combing through archives and photography framed up the documentary for production. To learn more about Charles A. Cannon: A Mind for Business, A Heart for People, visit

About Cannon Charitable Interests

The Cannon Charitable Interests were created to continue the philanthropy of Charles A. Cannon. The Cannon Charitable Interests include a foundation and three separate charitable trusts. Each has its own guidelines for eligibility. To learn more about The Cannon Charitable Interests, visit