About Charles A. Cannon • The Heart Behind the Brand

The family name was stitched into countless household linens. The iconic symbol of the brand (a Napoleon Howitzer accompanied by cannon balls) identified the products that were the result of one of the most significant industrial efforts of the 20th century. Cannon Mills was built by J.W. Cannon and thrived under the skilled direction of his son, Charles A. Cannon.

A Man of Industry

Charles A. Cannon was a businessman, industrialist and one of the leading textile manufacturers of the 20th century. His business acumen, forward-thinking approach to industrialism and true concern for his employees left an indelible mark on a small Southern town ... and on the world of manufacturing, branding and distribution.

Cannon Mills Company, Kannapolis NC

A Man of the People

He was born into a family of 12 and eventually had four children of his own. Charles A. Cannon was a self-described family man whose shrewd approach to business was matched only by his love for those who worked for and alongside him.

The entire town was built for a Cannon labor force, and all areas of life centered on the mill. What was really important to the vision and design of Kannapolis, again, was an opportunity to cultivate community by building institutions that were in great proximity to the mill town and the textile mills.