Charles A. Cannon

Charles A. Cannon: A powerful visionary whose leadership played out on a global stage.

He had a vision that was unconventional and uncompromising. And, when he had fulfilled that vision, he left a legacy of giving that will continue far into the future.

Charles A. Cannon Documentary

Charles A. Cannon

The Birth of a Mill City

“You didn’t need an alarm clock to tell you it was time to go to work – you could hear the whistle blow for miles.”

All areas of life in Kannapolis centered around the mill, and the entire town was built for a Cannon labor force. Three shifts worked around the clock, and in little time, Cannon Mills went from small-town employer to a giant of the textile industry.

A Closer Look at the Documentary

Watch the video and get a glimpse of Charles A. Cannon: A Mind for the Business, A Heart for People.

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