About the Film

About the Film

The making of a documentary is no small undertaking. With careful research, a framework starts to take shape. Hours of personal interviews, recreation of historic moments and activities, combing through archives and old photos. It all comes down to an extraordinary attention to detail and accuracy. But the key component – the one that determines the quality and true value of the finished piece – is the heart of the story being shared.

In “Charles A. Cannon: A Mind for Business, A Heart for People,” the story is one rooted in a commitment to a singular vision of success for a small Southern town. It’s that vision and the resulting nationwide impact that makes the film an important piece of history.

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Meeting the man behind the industrial powerhouse that became Cannon Mills and finding out what motivated him is central to the film. Through family photographs, interviews with mill workers and footage – both historical and recreated – viewers are transported to the mill floor, the board room and the linen closets of American families during Cannon’s years as the largest home textile producer in the world.

Official 30 Second Trailer

A quick look at “Charles A. Cannon: A Mind for Business, A Heart for People.”

Official 60 Second Trailer

A preview of the film, highlighting its focus and featuring historical images.